Space Astronomy


Position in the Sky

Calculating positions in the sky

The Sun in the sky depending on the season

  • Motions of the Sun Simulator
  • Rises East --> sets West
  • Depending on the time of year, we can use the altitude to calculate the Sun's position in the sky
  • Maximum height when crossing the meridian at local noon
  • Local noon
  • Declination ranges between -23.5˚ and +23.5˚


Layers of the Sun



  • Extremely dense
  • Source of all its energy
  • Approximately 20% of the interior
  • Temperature of 15 million K
    • Hottest part of the Sun

Radiative Zone

  • Photons carry energy and hit particles transferring energy
  • How energy goes from inside --> outside
  • Light from the core is transported through this zone very slowly
    • High density
    • Photons encounter other particles and change direction or lose some energy

Convective zone

  • Hot blobs of gas moving out
  • Outermost layer of the interior

Solar Activity