Mars ♂

  • Valles Marineris
    • Mariner Valley
    • Complex system of canyons
    • As long as the United States is wide
  • Eccentricity of Mars' orbit is 0.1
  • Has evidence of habitable conditions in the past
  • 1.52 AU from the Sun
  • Diameter of 6790 km
    • Just over half of Earth's diameter
    • Total surface area is close to the land area of Earth
  • No magnetic field in present day
  • Red colouring comes from iron oxides in the soil
  • Polar caps
    • Visible by the unaided eye
  • Mars has qualities like Earth
    • Sidereal day is 24 hours 37 minutes 23 seconds
    • Tilted 25˚
    • Experiences seasons lasting ~6 Earth months
  • Possibility for past life
    • Thin atmosphere exists
      • Would've been thicker in the past
    • Existence of liquid water
  • Experienced extensive volcanic activity at the same time the Moon did



Polar Caps

Water Features

Runoff and outflow channels

  • Runoff channels
    • Look like what geologists would expect from surface runoff of ancient rain storms
    • Hint at a very different climate than we see today
  • Outflow channels
    • Much larger than runoff channels
    • Possibly carved by huge volumes of running water
  • Gullies
    • Erosional features that look to be caused by running water


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