Arduino IoT Workshop


  • Learning objectives for reading section 2.2
    • Describe early examples of astronomy around the world
      • Egyptians
        • Used Sirius to track the year
          • It has a yearly cycle that corresponded with the flooding of the Nile
      • Chinese
        • Also had a calendar
        • Recorded many things like comets, meteors, and dark spots on the Sun
      • Mayans
        • Used Venus to build their calendar
    • Explain how Greek astronomers were able to deduce that Earth is spherical
      • Shadows on the Moon (during a lunar eclipse) made by the Earth are always round
        • Shadows that are always round can only be made by spherical objects
      • As you travel south, you can see new stars
        • If Earth was flat, this wouldn't happen
    • Explain how Greek astronomers were able to calculate Earth’s size
    • Describe the motion of Earth called precession
    • Describe Ptolemy’s geocentric system of planetary motion (geocentric model)
  • Learning objectives for reading section 2.4
    • Explain how Copernicus developed the heliocentric model of the Solar System
    • Describe Galileo’s discoveries concerning the study of motion and forces
      • Showed that rest is no more natural than motion
      • Surmised that an object with no resistance that is in motion would stay in motion
        • Force is required to stop something from moving just as it is required to start moving something
      • Discovered uniform acceleration
        • Watched objects falling down ramps
    • Explain how Galileo’s discoveries tilted the balance of evidence in favor of the Copernican model (heliocentric model)


  • YouTube channel has been made
    • All lecture recordings will go on there