anthony morris


I love reading. If I could get paid to review books, I'd happily do that for the rest of my life. A good book will transport you through time, allowing you to converse with the greatest minds that ever were.

So many good books have been written. I once did the math and was sad to discover that I will never have enough time to read my entire to-read list. The ones I do get around to reading will be reviewed here.

Although I try to read about a broad range of topics, don't be surprised to find book reviews on space, computer science, history, humanity, science fiction, or fantasy. If you have suggestions on what I should read next, please let me know!

A reality-bending sci-fi journey.
So You Want To Talk About Race
A difficult but essential start to learning about systemic racism.
How to Think Like a Roman Emperor
A modern-day guide to Stoic wisdom from the perspective of Marcus Aurelius.
The Mom Test
A quick read on the customer conversation and validating startup ideas.