• An attempt to formulate and answer fundamental questions
    • Often deals with questions related to good/bad, right/wrong
  • The value of philosophy
    • Instrumental value
      • Valuable because it can bring us something we want
        • E.g. money is valuable because of the purchasing power we give it
      • Philosophical assumptions made by us can shape our world
        • Cause us to act
      • Can lead us to be better thinkers, readers, and writers
    • Inherent (intrinsic) value
      • According to a UK study students that study philosophy are more satisfied with their education
      • Philosophy helps you discover what and why you think the way you do
        • Useful for navigating the world
        • Helps us truly develop who we are as individuals
        • "The unexamined life is not worth living." ~ Socrates
    • A goal of philosophy should be to scrutinize received wisdoms