The Logical Problem

  • Using evil to refute the claim that God exists
  • Argument that the following to claims are logically incompatible
    • An O3 God exists
    • Evil exists
  • If an O3 God existed, they would eliminate it
    • Omniscient --> knows when it will happen and can eliminate it
    • Omnipotent --> has the ability to eliminate it
    • Omnibenevolent --> wants to eliminate it
  • Consensus --> not valid
    • God might have a reason for allowing some evil
    • Free will is more important than eliminating all evil
      • Free will means some beings might produce moral evil

The Evidential Problem

  • Perhaps God and evil can co-exist
  • Then cannot be an O3 God and U3 evil
    • U3 --> unjustified, unnecessary, unmerited
      • Evil caused by free will can be ignored
  • Evidence of U3 evil is evidence that O3 God doesn't exist