• Agenda
    • Market sizing
    • Competitive analysis
  • Don't pitch product, don't ask about future intentions
    • Ask about past behaviour
  • Be your own worst critic and consider mentorship
  • Design will not improve the business
  • Set milestones and attach consequences
    • What happens if you don't get the results?
      • Pivot?
      • Shut down?
  • Be careful talking to friends and family
    • Don't talk about your product
    • They want you to feel good
  • The Step by Step Process to Create a Killer Pitch Deck For Investors
  • 60s pitches
    • 10 Elevator Pitch Examples
    • Make people curious on the solution
    • Give a real example
      • "My customer's name is Elizabeth..."
      • Personalize as much as possible
      • Use quotes from real interviews
    • Make a 30s presentation --> turn it into a 60s presentation
    • People often try to take a 5 min presentation --> 60s
    • This often makes it rushed, unclear, etc.
  • How to Start a Speech
  • On confirmation bias
    • It's easy to find evidence that supports you
    • Convert your hypothesis and test that
  • Dig deeper in interviews
    • "Interesting, tell me more about that..."
  • Why is it so important for me to be right?
  • On a value prop canvas, you want 3 pains
    • Solve a real solid problem
  • Don't design a problem for your solution
  • Do you want to sell a product, or do you want to solve a problem?


  • Does God exist?
  • Questions to guide the reading:
    • What is Anselm's definition of God?
      • Is this an adequate definition?
        • Yes, it doesn't matter what we have previously thought about God
        • The definition works for Anselm's case and that is enough
      • "We believe you are something than which nothing greater can be though [conceived]"
        • God => the greatest conceivable being
    • Anselm says he's arguing against the fool.
      • Why would anyone want to argue with a fool?
        • Anselm's fool is different than you might think of as a fool
      • What does Anselm assume is the case about the fool?
        • They deny that a greatest conceivable being exists
        • The fool understands what it means to speak of a greatest conceivable being
          • Understands what the words in the definition mean
          • Can conceive of such a being
    • How does Anselm argue that God exists in our understanding?
      • Arguing that there are two realms of existence
      • What in the world does he mean by this? (hint: pay attention to his painter analogy)
        • When a painter thinks of an idea for a painting, it is just in their understanding
        • Once they paint it, it is in their understanding and reality
          • They have made it
    • How does Anselm argue that God exist in reality, and not just in our understanding?
      • Reductio ad absurdum
      • We start by assuming God does not exist and then prove existence by contradiction
      • We define God as the greatest conceivable being and then go through reductio ad absurdum
      • Steps:
        1. God does not exist in reality
        2. God does exist in the mind
        3. God exists in the mind but not in reality
        4. If God exists in the mind only (and not in reality), then he would be greater if he existed in reality too
        5. If God did exist in reality, he would be greater than he is
        6. God could exist in reality
        7. God could be great than he is (because something existing in reality is greater than something existing only in the mind)
        8. The greatest possible thing could be still greater
          • This is a contradiction
          • Nothing can be greater than the greatest possible being
          • We defined God as the greatest possible being and thanks to this contradiction, He must exist
      • What does this mean?
      • See if you can decipher his argument contained in the last 5 or so sentences of ch. 3
    • What example does Gaunilo raise in response to Anselm's argument?
      • The same reasoning could be used to say that greatest conceivable island exists
        • This is absurd
      • How is this example supposed to undermine Anselm's argument?
        • Through reason alone, it's tough to accept the argument
        • This makes Anselm's argument to appear absurd/weak
      • What is Anselm’s response to Gaunilo?
        • The reasoning only applies to the class of all conceivable beings
        • The greatest conceivable being is not bounded like an island would be
    • What is our textbook’s analysis of Anselm’s argument?
      • Do you think our textbook authors are being fully charitable to the argument?
  • Other objections of Anelm's argument
    • Existence is not a property
    • Existence is a property, but it doesn't designate a great making property
      • Things can have different degrees of reality
        • Actual rock vs. concept of a rock
        • Actual rock is greater than the concept of a rock; it contains more reality
      • An infinite God contains more reality than an island, etc.
  • Ontological arguments
  • Does God exist?
    • Theist
      • Believes some for of a god exists
    • Atheist
      • Someone who thinks god probably (or for sure) doesn't exist
    • Agnostic
      • Someone that is not sure if a god exists
  • Whatever your view is, there will always be a lot of people that don't share your beliefs
  • Thinking about God...
    • Valuable from a historical perspective
    • Helpful for sharpening thoughts about our conclusions
    • Helps us think about the power and limits of a priori reasoning
    • Lets us think about the nature of existence