• Guiding questions for Blaise Pascal reading
    • What definition of God does he use?
      • How different is it from other definitions we've looked at?
    • What particular combination of properties makes God incomprehensible?
    • What is the gamble in this wager?
    • Why does Blaise Pascal believe the wager is unavoidable?
    • Can you reconstruct the wager as an argument to believe in God?
    • Why does Blaise Pascal think that this argument, even if successful, doesn't count as proof of the existence of God?
      • What's the difference between a proof and what Blaise Pascal has provided?
        • Proof --> evidence, cannot be refuted
  • Guiding questions for William James reading
    • What is it for an option to be live, forced, and momentous?
    • Why in the world would anyone want beliefs that aren't in accords with the evidence?
    • What role does William James think our passions play in determining our beliefs in matters of religion and morality?ß
    • How does William James define religious belief?