• The camera (Hasselblad 500EL) that was used during the Moon had a sheet of glass called a Reseau plate
    • Put black reference crosses on the images that allowed measurements to be done with the photographs


  • Telescopes
  • Lenses or mirrors can make telescopes
    • Lens and mirror properties
  • Keys to a good telescope
    • As much light as possible
    • As much detail as possible
  • Focal length
    • Distance from lens/mirror --> focal point
  • Focal point
    • Where all light rays converge
  • Saving images allows astronomers to analyze images with greater detail
    • Photographic plates --> chemicals that react to light
    • CCD (sensor)
      • Charge-coupled device
      • Light is stored as an electrical charge
  • Human eyes are most sensitive to the colour green


  • Argument against God
    • Video lectures
  • God
    • Omnipotent --> all-powerful
      • We need to be careful with the definitions so we void illogical questions
        • Can God create a married bachelor?
        • Can God create a four-sided triangle?
        • A married bachelor is logically impossible
      • God cannot make contradictions (that which is logically impossible)
        • We assume God is bound by the laws of logic
      • God is bound by the laws of logic but not the laws of physics
    • Omniscient --> all-knowing
      • Everything that is true, God knows
    • Omnibenevolent --> all-loving
      • God wants to do as much good as possible
      • God wants to eliminate as much evil as possible