TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

  • Allows ordered, reliable data delivery between computers over the a network
    • Creates a connection (see below)
  • Built on top of IP
  • Operates in the transport layer
  • Connection-oriented
    • Ensures a connection or session is established by using a three-step process (three-way handshake)
    • Helps resolve the issues with IP's connectionless problems
  • Sequencing and checksums
    • Sends a character string called a checksum that is checked by destination host alone with sequence number for each segment
  • Flow control
    • Gauges rate of transmission based on how quickly recipient can accept data
  • After three initial messages, payload/data is sent
  • Sequence numbers will be increased by number of bits included in each received segment
    • Confirms correct length of message was received

Three-way handshake

Three-way handshake

  1. Request for a connection (SYN)
  2. Response to request (SYN/ACK)
  3. Connection established (ACK)

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