IP (Internet Protocol)

  • Operates at the network layer
    • Specifies where data should be delivered
    • Identifies the data's source and destination IP addresses
  • Enables TCP/IP to internetwork to traverse:
    • More than one LAN segment
    • More than one type of network through router
  • Unreliable, connectionless
    • Does not guarantee delivery of data
    • No session established before data is transmitted
    • Depends on TCP:
      • To ensure messages are put back together in proper order
      • To ensure each message reaches the correct application on receiving host

IP Packet

  • The smallest unit used to describe data being sent over IP (aside from bytes)
  • $2^{16}$ bytes
    • Not very large
  • Consists of:
    • An IP header
    • A payload

IPv4 Packet

IPv4 packet

IPv6 Packet

IPv6 packet

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