cryptocurrency blockchain Solana


  • aka smart contracts
  • Foundation of on-chain activity
  • Process instructions from end users and other programs
  • Stateless
    • Data is stored in separate Solana accounts and passed in via instructions
  • Stored in Solana accounts marked as executable
  • All programs are
  • Language support
    • Rust
    • C++
    • Any language that targets the LLVM's BPF
  • Have a single entry point where instruction processing takes place
    • process_instruction
    • Parameters included:
      • program_id: pubkey
      • accounts: array
      • instruction_data: byte array

Native Programs and the Solana Program Library (SPL)

  • Core building blocks for on-chain interactions
  • Native Programs
    • Base functionality required for operating validators
    • Included programs:
      • System Program
  • SPL Programs
    • Support on-chain activities
      • Creating, swapping, and lending tokens
      • Generating stake pools
      • Maintaining an on-chain name service
    • Includes programs:
      • SPL Token Program
        • Can be invoked via CLI
      • Associated Token Account Program