Solana blockchain


  • Has an address (public key) and an owner (address of a program account)
  • Store state/data
    • "Files" on the network ledger
  • Each account has a unique address
  • Size limits
    • Normal accounts --> 10MB
    • PDA accounts --> 10KB
  • PDA accounts can be used to sign on behalf of programs
  • Account size fixed at creation time
    • Can be adjusted with realloc
  • Data storage is paid with rent
    • Prevents accounts from being deleted
  • Default account owner is the System Program

Types of accounts

  • Data accounts
    • Store data
    • Types
      • System owned accounts
      • Program Derived Address accounts
  • Program accounts
    • Store executable programs
    • Do not store state
  • Native accounts
    • Native Solana programs
    • Eg. System, Stake, and Vote programs


lamportsNumber of lamports owned by account
ownerProgram owner of account
executableWhether the account can process instructions
dataRaw data byte array stored by the account
rent_epochNext epoch that the account will owe rent
  • Only a data account's owner can modify its data and debit lamports
  • Anyone can credit lamports to a data account
  • Owner of an account may assign a new owner if the account's data is zeroed out


  • Storing data costs SOL
  • If you maintain 2 years of rent in an account, you are exempt from paying rent
  • Rent is paid during two different timings
    • When referenced by a transaction
    • Once an epoch
  • A percentage of rent is destroyed, the rest is distributed to vote accounts
  • If an account runs out of funds to pay rent, it is deallocated and the data is removed