cryptocurrency blockchain



  • People/entities run programs on computers (validators)
  • Validators process incoming transactions as well as vote on and append new blocks to the blockchain
  • Validators votes on the legitimacy of a block are stake-weighted
    • More stake a validator has, the more influence the validator has in determining the outcome


  • Lamports
    • Fractional SOL
  • Public keys
    • Point to accounts on the network
    • Often referred to as addresses
    • 256-bit
    • Shown as base-58 encoded strings
    • All interactions on Solana happen through the RPC API
    • HTTP POST with a JSON body
    • Payload requires:
      • jsonrpc
        • Version number
        • Must be ``"2.0"
      • id
        • Identifier you choose for identifying the call
        • String or a whole number
      • method
        • Name of the method being invoked
      • params
        • An array containing params to use during method invocation
  • @solana/web3.js
    • JavaScript library for making JSON RPC API calls