Computing Systems

  • Dynamic entity used to solve problems
  • Composed of hardware, software, and data
    • Hardware: physical elements of computing system
    • Software: Programs providing instructions for system to execute


Layers of a Computing System

  • Information Layer
    • The way we represent information
    • Mostly conceptual
  • Hardware Layer
  • Programming Layer
    • Software
  • Operating Systems Layer
    • Help us interact with the computer system
    • Manage the way hardware, programs, and data interact
  • Applications Layer
    • Using the computer to solve real world problems
  • Communications Layer


Power of 10Power of 2Value of Power of 2PrefixAbbreviationDerivation
$10^{-12}$pico-pItalian for little
$10^{-9}$nano-nGreek for dwarf
$10^{-6}$micro-μGreek for small
$10^{-3}$milli-mLatin for thousandth
$10^{3}$2^{10}1024kilo-KGreek for thousand
$10^{6}$2^{20}1,048,576mega-MGreek for large
$10^{9}$2^{30}1,073,741,824giga-GGreek for giant
$10^{12}$2^{40}not enough roomtera-TGreek for monster
$10^{15}$2^{50}not enough roompeta-PGreek for five

Computer Science