blockchain cryptocurrency


  • Built on Rust
  • Uses Move for its packages (aka smart contracts
    • It's own flavour of Move (made a Meta)
  • Permissionless Layer 1 blockchain
  • Horizontally scalable
    • Most transactions are processable in parallel
    • Better resource utilization
    • Can increase throughput by adding resources
  • Chooses simpler/low-latency primitives over consensus
    • Consensus is opt-in


  • Native SUI token
    • Fixed supply
    • Used to pay gas
    • Used as delegated stake on validators


  • Voting power of validators is a function of delegated stake
  • Set of validators is Byzantine fault tolerant
  • Fees collected from transactions are distributed to validators based on their contribution to the system


  • Scalability, instant settlement
  • Safety baked into the smart contract language
  • Rich, composable on-chain assets
  • Better web3 UX
  • DAG-based mempool and efficient Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus