css CSS for JavaScript Developers course

Module 0: Fundamentals Recap

  • Not an absolute beginner's guide --> made to deepen understanding of CSS

Media Queries

  • max-width --> target small screens
  • min-width --> target larger screens



  • Target "sub-elements" within an element
    • Target elements in the DOM that haven't been explicitly created with HTML tags
  • Use the :: syntax
  • ::before/::after are syntactic sugar for spans that are before/after the content of your HTML tag
    • Not the best from an accessibility perspective --> okay to use if purely decorative
    • Screen readers try to vocalize content


  • em
    • Relative unit
    • Equal to the font size of the current element
  • rem
    • Relative unit --> relative the to root <html> tag
    • More useful than ems in most circumstances
    • Everything will be consistent when the root font size changes (eg. a user increases the font)
    • If you want to change the baseline font size:
    html {
    	/* this will create 20% bigger rem values across the app */
    	font-size: 120%;