How Forests Store Carbon

  • Carbon dioxide goes up, threat of climate change goes up
  • Carbon capture tech...
    • Unproven
    • Expensive
    • Mostly theoretical
  • Trees and forests —> the best carton capture tech
    • Sequester ~16% of the United States annual emissions
    • Store carbon in trees and soil
  • Trees
    • The best carbon capture tech in the world (yay Wren!)
    • Pull carbon dioxide out of the air during photosynthesis
      • Pull it out of the air, bind it up in sugar, and release oxygen
  • Forests are good at storing carbon for a long time
    • It does ultimately get released via decomposition, respiration, and other methods
    • Permanence is the ability to store carbon for long periods
      • It varies based on location
  • The Amazon rainforest is a poor carbon sink because there is little permanence
    • Whole trees rapidly decompose, the soils are not able to store a lot of carbon
  • Enhancing carbon capture
    • Increasing forest cover (best way)
    • Controlling invasive plant species
      • Disrupting natural ecosystems interferes with a forest’s ability to sequester carbon
    • Periodically thin forests to encourage growth of new trees
      • Must reduce disturbance to soil

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