An Attackers View of Serverless and GraphQL Apps

Event: AppSecCali 2019 Speaker: Abhay Bhargav Watch the talk on YouTube

  • Looking for attack vectors in serverless and GraphQL
    • Serverless and GraphQL both have many attack vectors on their own
    • Abhay figures these will often be paired together so that's why the talk is this way
  • DVFaaS
    • Damn Vulnerable Functions as a Service (serverless)
    • Deploy them and test vulnerabilities of FaaS
  • Gentle introduction (the below are in Abhay's words)
    • Serverless
      • We are talking about Functions as a Service
      • Single-purpose functions running in in a cloud service provider
      • Monolith --> microservice --> FaaS
        • Consistently making a smaller version of compute
      • Functions are triggered via an event
      • Scalability built in
      • The function doesn't have ports so there aren't really network vulnerabilities
      • tl;dr
        • Short lived
        • No ports
        • No state
        • Single purpose
    • GraphQL
      • Used a lot in mobile applications

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