The Fifth Season

written by N. K. Jemisin

|finished reading on February 19th, 2021

As much as I enjoy fantasy, a lot of the books I've read have had similar underlying themes or ideas in them. They aren't always cookie cutter. But when they are, at least I enjoy cookies.

The Fifth Season didn't feel like that to me. The book has equal parts post apocalypse as it does fantasy. I'm sure there are other post apocalyptic fantasy novels but this was a first for me.

The characters felt very unique. Their perspectives were not ones I've typically come to expect from a fantasy. On top of that, the "magic" felt original as well. Some folks are connected to the Earth, so much so that they can control it. That often ends up causing chaos in the world.

My favourite part of the book was how the three storylines converged in the end. By the time it happened, you may have been expecting it, but it was still entertaining for me. I'm becoming more interested in the way people move through phases of their lives. Jemisin did a great job weaving that into her story. It's always entertaining when different threads are weaved together to make one coherent storyline.

If you like fantasy or post apocalypse (leaning more on fantasy), I'd recommend The Fifth Season!

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