database postgresql sql


  • Built on top of PostgreSQL
  • Improves PostgreSQL query performance and increases storage efficiency
  • Used for time-series data applications
  • Uses continuous aggregates to ensure materialized views don't produce performance degradation
  • Scales across multiple nodes
    • Criticism of Postgres is that it is hard to scale-out when your database instance is maxed out
    • TimescaleDB Multi-node links multiple PostgreSQL nodes together to scale out ingest
      • Distributed hypertables spreads data across nodes
      • You access data as you normally you
  • Uses partitioning and compression to decrease storage costs (especially good for time)
    • Utilizes PostgreSQL storage features (TOAST)
    • Transitions historical data from row-store to column-storey


  • Seamless partitioning of
    • Splits tables into smaller chunks
  • Abstraction of a single, virtual table across all your data