course design Shift Nudge

Shift Nudge - Start

  • Mindset
    • Be prepped for learning
    • Move from dismissive to curious
    • Focus on the fundamentals
    • Prep for concentration and hard work
  • Product thinking tips
    • Love the problem, not the solution
    • Probe deep on the problem --> don't offer solutions immediately
    • Embrace and explore uncertainty
  • A problem and solution shouldn't contain information about the app or website
    • Food delivery app's problem: "Person X is at home and very hungry with nothing to eat."
    • Food delivery app's solution: "Person X now has food and is no longer hungry."
    • UI is everything that happens between the problem and solution

Design Process

  • Use a process so you don't get bogged down in the details
  1. Understand the problem
  2. Determine complexity
  3. Use lists, content maps, and user flows to guide the project
    • Requirements for the UI
    • User journey
  4. Wireframe (or not) based on complexity
    • Mobile wireframes force you to think more simply
  5. Set design direction
  6. Present early and often
  7. Explore, iterate, and exploit
  8. Systematize

Using Reference Material

  • Useful to get started
  • Be careful not to rip anything off --> pixel by pixel copying, etc.
  • Use only one thing from a design --> eg. just typography
    • If something is too specific to a brand, don't take from it
  • A good approach would be to just make a list of things you like from a design then never look at the design again
    • Put away the design when you're doing implementation