Reading Levels

  1. Elementary Reading
    • "What does the sentence say?"
    • The most basic
    • Trying to grok the simplest understanding of the words on the page
  2. Inspectional Reading
    • "What is the book/article about"
    • Sub-types:
      • Systematic Skimming
        • Used when we lack the time to read
        • As it says on the tin: skimming
      • Superficial Reading
        • The act of reading
        • You keep reading even if you don't understand the content
        • Lack of deep thinking while reading
        • Used for entertainment purposes (reading the news, fiction, etc.)
  3. Analytical Reading
    • Most complete form
    • Takes a lot of time and energy
    • Used when trying to understand a topic in depth
    • You ask lots of questions, write notes, debate the author, etc.
  4. Synoptic Reading
    • Sometimes referred to as comparative reading
    • Read many ideas on the same topic and compare
    • Its important to find opposing views and compare them
    • About the purpose, not the books you read