Source: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/sep/04/oliver-burkemans-last-column-the-eight-secrets-to-a-fairly-fulfilled-life

  1. There will always be too much to do
    • We will never be able to do all the things we want to do, instead we have to get good at choosing what to neglect
    • Ruthlessly prioritize and trim the rest
  2. When stumped on decisions, focus on growth over happiness
    • We're bad at predicting happiness
    • Growth is always a value add
  3. Increase capacity to tolerate minor discomforts
    • Like training in the gym
    • Seek discomfort and work through it
  4. The advice you don't want to hear is the advice you need
    • Look for hard truths
  5. The future will never provide the reassurance you seek
    • Focus more on what we can control (the present)
  6. The solution to imposter syndrome is that you are one
    • No one knows what they're doing (and that's okay)
    • Two types of people out there:
      • Those who are improvising through life and putting out fires as they go
      • Those who pretend they aren't in the first group
  7. Selflessness is overrated
    • Direct energy to your own ambitions and enthusiasms
    • You get one shot at life!
  8. Know when to move on