Network Switch

  • Like an old-school switchboard
  • Directs network traffic to/from various destinations (ports)****

Managed Switches

Example of a managed switch

  • Can be configured via CLI or GUI
  • Usually assigned an IP address
  • VLANs can only be implemented through manages switches
  • Ports can be partitioned into groups
  • Switch adds a tag to Ethernet frames to identify the port through which they arrive at the switch
    • Identifies the transmissions that belong to each VLAN
    • Tag travels with transmission until it reaches a router or switch port connected to destination device
      • Whichever comes first

Switch Ports and Trunks

  • Port is either configured as an access port or a trunk port
    • Access port
      • Used for connecting a single node
    • Trunk port
      • Capable of managing traffic among multiple VLANs
  • Trunk
    • Single physical connection between switches
    • Many logical VLANs can transmit and receive data over

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