Network Infrastructure

Network topology

Structured Cabling

TIA/EIA structured cabling in a campus network

  • Cabling arrangements have a standard
    • TIA/EIA-568 Commercial Building Wiring Standard
    • Structured cabling
  • Designed to maximize performance and minimize upkeep

Entrance facility

  • Incoming network (Internet) connects with internal network


  • Demarcation point
  • Device that marks where telecom service provider network ends and organization's network begins
  • Most important device belonging to service provider is the demarc


MDF connecting a network

  • Main distribution frame/facility
  • Centralized point of interconnection for LAN or WAN
  • Also called MC (main cross connect)
  • Can only be one per campus


  • Intermediate distribution frame
  • Provides intermediate connection between MDF and end-user equipment
  • Can refer to racks holding equipment or room housing the racks and equipment
  • Can be many IDFs connecting internal portions of a network
  • TIA/EIA standard specifies at least one IDF per floor

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