• Use of mathematical code (cipher) to scramble data into a format that can be read only by reversing the cipher
  • Keeps information private
  • Benchmarks / CIA triad
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Availability

Key Encryption

  • Key
    • Randoms string of characters
    • Woven into original data's bits
    • Generates unique data block called ciphertext
    • Created according to specific algorithm

Private Key Encryption

  • Data encrypted with a single key
    • Sender and receiver have the same key
  • Symmetric encryption
    • Same key is used for encryption and decryption

Public Key Encryption

  • Data encrypted with two keys
  • Private key --> know by user
  • Public key --> know by anyone
  • Asymmetric encryption
    • Requires two different keys

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