• Questions to guide the reading
    • What's the difference between qualitative identity and numerical identity?
      • What type of identity is more important for personal identity and why?
    • What is the soul theory?
      • What are the central problems with it according to the textbook authors?
      • Do you think soul theorists could provide a satisfactory response to these objections?
    • What are memory (psychological continuity) theories?
      • How are they different from the standard version of the soul theory?
      • How does John Locke use his cobbler and prince thought experiment to argue for it?
    • What is the point of introducing s-memories?
      • What sort of objection is the distinction intended to overcome?
      • Does this distinction succeed in overcoming the objection?
    • What objection to memory theories is the teletransporter thought experiment supposed to illustrate?
      • How might a defender of a memory theory respond?
  • Lecture
    • Problem of personal identity
      • What makes a person the same person from one moment to the next?
      • Identify them overtime
        • Hold them responsible for their actions
    • Concept of personal identity