• Really important to get over the discomfort of cold calls and get into the market
  • Presenting for phase 2
    • Valuable just to get practice presenting
    • Great to get high level feedback from folks with experience
  • Need a 'one-liner'
    • Great 1-2 sentences to explain the company
    • Can be a little buzz-wordy to capture the reader
  • Thinking like an investor
    • Need to be able to evaluate our own ideas
    • Put the investor lens on when looking at ourselves
    • Investors want 10x return
  • Early stage investors value:
    • Strong vision
    • Compelling problem
    • Unique solution
    • Early traction
    • Market size (>$ 1 billion)
    • Well rounded team
  • The Slack channel had significantly more response to pitches that had stories
    • Start with story first
    • Zoom out to 1000 view after
    • People will ask for details if the story grips them
  • People are very unrealistic about the urgency
    • High --> people are dying, etc.
  • General presentation feedback:
    • Avoid text heavy --> utilize images
      • Pump up that font size
    • Practice pitches with children or people who know nothing about your market
    • Never assume knowledge --> pretend everyone is dumb
      • Speak clearly and slowly
    • Leave a key message at the end
    • No one remembers what you tell them, they remember how you made them feel
  • Customer market is always evolving