dead|launched December 1st, 2019|retired December 1st, 2020
Wrabit has been laid to rest in my product graveyard. Read the postmortem.

In 2019 I started to really thing about why I code. What do I want to do with the knowledge I have obtained? It was clear to me that I wanted to use my abilities for good. On top of that, I wasn't feeling satisfied with my job.

I had recently finished building the Social Media Death Clock and had a strong desire to keep building. I went back to the drawing board.

I found inspiration 750words.com and The Artist's Way. There were similar solutions but none that quite fit my needs. Plus, I was itching to build.

The idea is that writing every day is beneficial to our mental health. If we are able to dump a stream of consciousness to the page, we will learn more about ourselves and feel better overall. I tried the practice with pen and paper and found it beneficial.

Screenshot of the simplistic Wrabit editor

A look at Wrabit's simplistic editor

Just writing daily wasn't enough of a difference from existing solutions. I wanted Wrabit to be more than an exercise. My partner and I sat down one night and tried to think about ways to make it unique. In the end, I decided that I would charge for the product and donate portions of the user's monthly fees to mental health research.

When a user writers seven days in a row, $1 from their monthly fee is donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. Overall we have donated ~$500 to the foundation since launch!

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