We Watch Tech

dead|launched August 18th, 2020|retired January 1st, 2021
We Watch Tech has been laid to rest in my product graveyard.

I really enjoy watching conference talks. There are so many great talks out there packed with useful information. I was starting to build up a decent list of talks I wanted to watch. But in 2020, I also started thinking about how I was engaging in content. If I was watching tech talks, I wanted to try to engage with the content more. I wanted to think deeper about them.

Enter We Watch Tech.

Screenshot of We Watch Tech's landing page

We Watch Tech's landing page

One reason I love my personal website is because it allows me to write. We Watch Tech does the same but with a more technical focus. I watch tech talks and summarize them in an easy to understand way. If people prefer reading over watching videos, then We Watch Tech would be a good option for them!

I enjoy building things, working on design, and writing. We Watch Tech is just another space for me to play around with all of those things.

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