live|launched April 1st, 2021

I've been interested in blockchain since 2013. It always seemed really fascinating to me. I still have emails that I sent to my family trying to convince them to buy Bitcoin at the time (they didn't listen).

Although I was always interested in the space, I never contributed to any blockchain projects. At the beginning of 2021, I discovered the Stacks Foundation. They were rewarding grants to people that wanted to build with Stacks.

Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable. It helps bridge the gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I had the idea to make a JavaScript library that would enable anyone to easily accept STX donations on their website. Like a Buy Me a Coffee but integrated with the Stacks blockchain.

I was awarded a Stacks Grant and this project is what came of my idea.

Hassle-free STX donations for any website

Lessons Learned

This was the first time I ever built a JavaScript library that would be embedded onto people's websites. I had to dive deeper into build tooling than I had before.

Learning how to wrangle my Webpack bundle to replace specific Node packages with web-friendly ones was my biggest challenge. Some of the Stacks libraries I was using required me to use fallbacks, especially with the Buffer package.



I chose to use esbuild with Webpack. It's an extremely performant bundler and minifier for JavaScript. Thanks to esbuild-loader it was dead simple to setup.

Stacks Libraries connects to a user's Stacks wallet (a Chrome Extension). In order to do this, I utilized a few Stacks libraries.

The libraries are used to authenticate a user and sign their donation transaction.

I was pretty impressed with the documentation and developer experience of the libraries. The design team at Stacks heavily inspired the website as well.

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