Ezra's Bookshelf

live|launched May 8th, 2024

A friend of mine send over an episode of The Ezra Klein Show discussing the future of AI. The podcast was great. At the end, the guest recommended a couple of books that sounded interesting to me. It turns out this happens at the end of every episode of the podcast.

I started searching around to see if there was a list of all the recommended books online. There had been many previous attempts from the /r/ezraklein community but every single one of them was out of date. After taking a quick peek of the podcast's RSS feed, I realized this could be automated and I got to work.

This website is an opportunity for me to engage in a few things I love: design, code, and books. It also gave me a chance to get feedback from lovers of the podcast as they were excited by the website.

Shoutout to The San Francisco Compute Company for the design inspiration.

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