failed July 13th, 2020

Lessons Learned

  • If something feels off, get to the bottom of it
  • Our reality can be changed

For the past few years I've been navigating the world with a little bit of fuzz. The edges for things were never quite in focus. Deep down I knew I probably needed glasses. Both of my parents have them. I also thought I was being delusional.

I wasn't actually opposed to wearing glasses. I used to wear Gunnar glasses because being on my computer all day was giving me headaches. They worked well until I sat on them one day. My butt won that battle.

This year I finally decided to visit the optometrist. I really enjoy reading books but found that my reading time was suffering. It was hard for me to spend too much time with a book in my hands. After reading for an hour or so I would get dreadfully tired. I suspected that it was because my eyes were straining so hard to make sense of the ink on the pages.

Well, my suspicions were correct.

It turns out I needed a pretty good prescription. I found the eye exam to actually be pretty fun. All I had to do was read letters on chart. At the end I was finally able to read the smallest letters. The optometrist said that was what 20/15 vision looked like. I was ecstatic! Then he took the lens away so I could see the chart with my natural vision.

There weren't any letters left. All that remained were fuzzy black dots.

I've now see the world in high definition. It's pretty exciting. I know what you're thinking. You've been seeing HD for a while now. But I'd rather be late to the party than never join at all.

I forgive you for avoiding the optometrist.