Fancy Script Tags

learned October 8th, 2020
Web Development

Since I started programming, I've always put my script tags at the bottom of my HTML documents. That way whatever scripts I bring in can see the HTML elements above it and it won't block page content from loading. There are two attributes that change the way script tags are loaded but I didn't know about them before today.


<script defer src=""></script>

Using defer tells the browser to execute our script after the document has been parsed but before firing DOMContentLoaded. This will allow the browser to parse the DOM before running the script.


<script async src=""></script>

Using async is similar to defer in that we can parse the DOM before executing the script. However, with async, the script gets fetched in parallel to the parsing. It will get executed as soon as it's available.

These tools are useful for improving the user experience of our page load times. We're shipping more JavaScript to the user than ever before and like everything, there are pros and cons that come along with it.

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